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Investment Management

Regardless of where you are in life, goals matter. Our team can help you define your goals and, more importantly, develop a financial game plan to achieve them. These are the core principles of our process and philosophy. These services are provided by our licensed affiliate Cardinal Point Wealth Management


Safety First

The price of an asset is important but understanding the value of that asset is what separates long-term investors from speculators or gamblers. We use a safety-first approach that prioritizes financial stability over upside potential. And for us, the most important question to ask before adding any investment to your portfolio is: “How much risk should you take and how will this investment impact portfolio’s risk profile?”


Objective-Based Investing

What are your long-term financial objectives? What rate of return is required to put those goals within reach? Everything that we do from an investment management perspective is driven by those two questions, providing you with objective-based investment advice and counsel.


Long-Term Orientation

Your investment portfolio is the engine of your financial plan. We design portfolios that are built for the long-term, help limit risk, and grow your assets in a reliable way. Growth is driven by compounding, not the pursuit of extreme short-term rewards.


Multiple Asset Classes

We believe in building diversified portfolios that leverage multiple asset classes. By design, this will mean that not all assets in your portfolio are at peak performance at any given time. However, this diversified approach means that, as a whole, your portfolio has a chance to win every “game.”


The multi-asset class portfolios are designed for the long-term and centered on your required rate of return; and, seeking to achieve this result in a consistent, low volatility manner, irrespective of benchmark rates of return. The risk characteristics of a benchmark rarely relate to those of an investor; correspondingly, neither should the returns. Limiting downside volatility promotes commitment to the long-term strategy. Over time, the prospect for achieving long-term financial goals is enhanced by a disciplined investment management practice applied to portfolios that feature appealing valuation metrics, uncorrelated holdings and a total return (growth and income) focus.


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