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Professional Athletes

Over the years, we have developed a program that gives our clients confidence that they are on track to achieve their financial goals. Like a fitness training program, our services provide the discipline and building blocks for financial strength.


Investment Management

An objective-based strategy that integrates all of your investment accounts, pensions assets and private equity interests.

Did You Know?

An investor who saves $50,000 per year for five seasons between age 21 and 25 will have 30% more wealth at age 50 then the investor who saves twice as much between 31 and 35, assuming an annual return of 10%.


Cash Flow Management

The cornerstone for financial independence. Establishing savings targets and understanding one’s outflows are critical for financial success.

Did You Know?

Payroll taxes and escrow can reduce a $1,000,000 salary in the NHL to less than $400,000 of net income. After employment expenses, rent/mortgage, insurance, auto payments and entertainment, how much will you save?


Tax Minimization

Tax erosion can be lessened with income allocation and deferral strategies, maximizing deductions and credits and properly structured investments.

Did You Know?

The IRS audits more than 1,000,000 tax returns annually and in 2015 the IRS collected over $24 billion in tax filing penalties.


Asset/Creditor Protection

You worked hard for your financial success! It is imperative that you are properly insulated from creditors and predators.

Did You Know?

15 million civil law suits are filed annually in the US.


Purchase Advisory

Major purchases can create financial stress and uncertainty. A comprehensive plan will reduce the anxiety and help you understand the impact of your decisions.

Did You Know?

55% of buyers are willing to exceed their planned budget when they bid for a home.


Estate Planning

Proper estate planning ensures your assets are distributed as intended, provides tax advantages, can minimize estate tax and probate fees and can leave a legacy.

Did You Know?

The US Joint Committee of Taxation estimates Americans will pay over $269 billion over the next decade in Estate Tax.


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