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Frank Corrado, NHL Alumni

This month’s player spotlight is on Woodbridge, Ontario native, Frank Corrado. As a fifth-round draft pick of the Vancouver Canucks, Frankie signed his NHL entry level contract on 23-Sep-11. The following season, Frankie made the transition to professional hockey, eventually making his NHL debut on 22-Apr-13 against the Chicago Blackhawks. Frankie would go on to appear in NHL games with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Pittsburgh Penguins, eventually retiring from professional hockey last season. Most recently, Frankie has made an impressive transition to media with TSN, touted by many as a “rising star” in the competitive industry. Click this link to watch Frankie on the Showbound Podcast discuss his extensive relationship with GAVIN.

Disclosure: The reviewer appearing in this video is a client. No cash or non-cash compensation was paid for the review. No material conflicts of interest exist that may have influenced the reviewer or advisor.


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