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Stew Remembers Ray Emery

It was with tremendous sadness that I learned of Ray’s passing on the morning of 15-Jul-18. I have been involved in professional hockey for almost 40 years but never has the loss of life been so close to home. The hockey community has been sadly affected by numerous heartbreaking deaths over the years. Several premature departures come to mind … the immense grief of the Humboldt, Swift Current or Lokomotiv disasters linger infinitely, as well.

I met Ray in 2002-03, in his first professional season. While I don’t think Ray could be characterized as shy, he was initially quiet but thoughtful. But, his passion and charismatic qualities did not take long to surface. Like most athletes who reach the pinnacle of their sport, Ray was competitive, driven and confident. These attributes would serve Ray well during his memorable eleven NHL seasons. For many, it takes several years to settle into their life-after-hockey lifestyle, and Ray was only two seasons removed from his last appearance. With Ray’s engaging personality, he was an individual who without a doubt would adapt well to a second career.

To realize our dreams, we need the support and encouragement from loved ones. Ray was fortunate to be surrounded by a devoted family. Paul and Sharlene are wonderful people and parents. While I share in their sadness, the grief they suffer is immeasurable. To honour their dedication to their son, we will remember Razor for his generosity, courage and his passion for life.


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